TR Electronic Headquarters – Trossingen Germany


What We Do

We're 'passionate about sensors'. We strive to solve your problems with our products using our experience and training. From automotive to stage production, and everything in between, our flexible product manufacturing process for custom designs means you get automation that works for YOU. We supply everything from encoders, sensors and measuring technology to monitoring and control systems and machine lighting. Our factory-trained technicians are available to bring you 100% customer satisfaction. We do training too! In fact, everything we do is to make your business run more efficiently.

Who We Are

We are an Industry leader in the North American Market. 

We are a team of measurement and positioning experts dedicated to enhancing your industrial operations. We offer a wide range of products and innovative technologies for your unique applications and for solving complex problems with the most reliable solutions containing difficult or unique parameters, as well as where precise measurement is concerned in an industrial harsh environment, like ambient temperatures, shock, vibration, and presence of chemicals or steam.

 We have a complete toolbox of cutting-edge technologies including rotary encoders, sensors, linear transducers, laser, ultrasonic, string encoders, and all other simpler and common types of sensors. 

We aim to offer you the best-customized solutions for your critical business applications, combining our innovative motion feedback technology and products to fit your business needs.

Our Work Culture:

Our work culture makes us successful in every area of our business. We are a fun, hard-working, and collaborative team. We always stand out to support each other, and that extends to the communities where we live and do business. We are responsible for contributing to the common good. We strive to work and play together as a group of responsible people; we mentor and empower our youth, and we support struggling families in our local community. 

What We Stand For

Values are important to us. We will operate on the basic principles of honesty, trust and superior customer service with the understanding that our employees are the key to our success.


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In 1988, the president of our company visited the TR Electronic operation in Germany on somewhat of a fact finding mission. One year later, in 1989, we purchased the rights to sell TR Electronic products in Canada and Mexico. Due to exceptional growth in the Canadian market, we took over the entire North American operation in 1994. The rest, as they say, is history. 

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