The Strength for Metals!

TR Electronic has been serving the metal industry for decades, with robust and durable products that can withstand harsh environments yet provide precise measurement and positioning.

We understand that IP ratings don’t account for extreme, or even explosive, environments so we’ve designed our own tests to simulate these conditions. We’ve also designed systems to address shock, vibration, and extended temperatures.

TR has a variety of other solutions for demanding steel applications:

  • Encoder Shock Modules to isolate your precision encoder from excessive shock and vibration
  • IP69K Magnetic Encoders for high temperature wash down applications
  • Software Programmable Filter Controlled Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Inductive Proximity Switches including long range and stainless steel versions
  • Specialty Couplings for demanding and harsh applications

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Metal Stamping

Armed with the latest technology, our ruggedized products can withstand anything that metal stamping can throw at them, protecting the machinery from the grit and dirt that can often slow things down. Using state of the art heat shock vibration, we offer reliable dye protection. When a machine is running, we make sure precision is paramount, reducing costly downtime.

Our products also speak your language: Ethernet, ProfiNet, ProfiBus and DeviceNet.

We understand the metal stamping industry and how to support your company throughout the process.

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