July 06, 2023

Ultrasonic sensors from Microsonic

food industry

The mic+ series of ultrasonic sensors from Microsonic can be used in a variety of applications, due to the wide sensing range, quick response times, and programmable parameters.

The mic+ series has a LED display allowing for real time, on board, distance readout.  As well, the sensor has teach buttons that let the operator quickly and easily parametrize in real time without the use of programming software and hardware.

With the use of ultrasonic technology, the sensor does not care of the clarity of the air allowing for use in applications with lots of dust or paint particles throughout the sensing range.

With multiple different output options such as push-pull, analog current or voltage, and IO-Link, the mic+ can be integrated into many different systems and can be used to monitor in many different configurations.

The mic+ series of sensors can be used within many different volume control applications.  In the below example, the mic+ sensor is being used to measure the volume of fruit in the packaging allowing for precise and consistent monitoring of the automatic scales.

Not only is the data sent from the sensor to the control system for analysis, but the information can also be observed in real time from the distance readout on the sensor itself.  The teach points can be programmed to send a signal allowing the fill rate to slow down, preventing any overflow.  Another feature of ultrasonic technology is the color of the measured object does not affect the performance.  In the above application, the same sensor can be used for any of the berries regardless of the color and shape.

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