August 24, 2023

Introducing TR Electronic UNIDOR Die Protection Systems: Elevating Precision and Efficiency in Manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of modern stamping, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. Industry leaders trust UNIDOR Die Protection Systems to safeguard stamping processes and enhance productivity.

UNIDOR Die Protection Systems are the pinnacle of advanced technology, meticulously designed to prevent costly downtime, minimize defects, and maximize output. With a proven track record of excellence, UNIDOR offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to diverse industries' unique needs.

Product Highlights:

  1. Optimized Stroke and Transfer Synchronization: With UNIDOR's advanced technology, achieve unparalleled synchronization accuracy. Seamlessly control stroke and transfer movements, minimizing errors and maximizing throughput.
  2. Absolute Rotary Encoders: Ensure precision at every turn with our absolute rotary encoders. Gain real-time, accurate position feedback, eliminating guesswork and enhancing process control.
  3. Redundant Rotary Encoders: Redundancy equals reliability. UNIDOR's redundant rotary encoders provide peace of mind by ensuring uninterrupted operation despite unexpected challenges.
  4. Safety Encoders: Prioritize operator and machine safety with TR Electronic safety encoders. Available in Ethernet IP CIP Safety, EtherCAT FSoE, Powerlink Safety, PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe, PROFINET/PROFIsafe, SSI & Incremental interfaces.
  5. CAM System Replacement: Out with the old, in with the new. UNIDOR offers a seamless transition from outdated CAM systems, modernizing your operations and boosting efficiency.

Sensors Designed for Stamping:

  • Feed/Position Control: Optical sensors for misfeed detection, part ejection, buckle detection, and position monitoring. Our sensors are built for stamping, offering ruggedized housings and contamination feedback circuits.
  • Force Measurement: Piezo-Electric sensors for Machine and In-Die tonnage monitoring using Piezo-Signal-Analysis
  • Temperature Sensors: Maintain optimal operating conditions with temperature sensors that empower you to make informed adjustments.
  • Die Protection: Protect your tooling from damage with UNIDOR's Piezo-Signal-Analysis Software and In-Die Piezo sensors. React swiftly to tool wear and breakage and prevent costly downtime.
  • Slug Detection: Eliminate obstructions and prevent jams with our high-resolution Analog Eddy Current sensors. Keep your production line running smoothly.

TR Electronic is committed to delivering solutions that redefine manufacturing excellence. Our UNIDOR Die Protection Systems elevate your operations, minimize errors, and streamline processes for unmatched performance.

Ready to take your manufacturing to the next level? Choose TR Electronic UNIDOR Die Protection Systems and unlock a future of precision, reliability, and success. Contact us today to experience the transformation firsthand.

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