Safety Encoder

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Absolute multiturn rotary encoder SIL 3 / SIL 2 CD_582+FS CAT 4
The most advanced Safety Encoder on the market. SIL has never been so compact! Secured position information directly via a certified bus system using the most current interface technologies. Two completely redundant rotary encoders that share a compact 58 mm housing and provide cross- checked position signals without battery-buffered counters. Sold shaft, blind shaft and hollow shaft configurations available in PROFIsafe and CIP Safety (Q3 2020) protocols.

SIL3-/PLe-certified absolute rotary encoder CD_75 CAT 4
Large format 75mm series with shaft/bore sizes up to 20mm. CD_75 provides position and speed signals certified according to SIL3 / PLe directly via PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe, PROFINET/ PROFIsafe, EtherCAT/FSoE Powerlink/openSAFETY. No need for external safety modules and thus transparent from shaft to the central control.


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