Programming Utilities

Programming Utilities



The LCA-2 facilitates the comfortable setting of numerous microsonic sensor series.

Includes a three digit digital display to show measured distance values in mm or cm; a teach box with four button operation for programming the sensor with a PC; a LinkCopy function for copying the sensor settings from one sensor to another without a PC; and an uniform microsonic teach-in for all microsonic sensors.


LCA-2 Koffer

Set for convenient setting of a number of microsonic sensor families. It contains and adaptor for sensors with cable connection (LCS) with cable clamps, an adapter for power supply with cable clamps; a power supply 90- 240 VAC/24 vdc, 625 mA, with 2,5m cable; four interchangeable AC-Plugs for use in Europe, USA, Great Britain and Australia; USB cable A-plug to B-plug; installation CD with Link Control Software and manual (German / English).



SyncBox 1



 Cylindrical M30.  For the external synchronisation of more than 10 mic+ sensors.


SyncBox 2


Design cuboidal.  20- 30 V.d.c. reverse polarity protection.





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