Deflectors and Mounting Accessories

Deflectors and Mounting Accessories


BF18 - BF30


Fastening clamp for sensors with M18 threaded sleeve. Also available for sensors with M30 threaded sleeve.



Mounting Bracket MW-ZWS-1

Mounting bracket for zws-70 sensors compatible with Baumer Electric UxDK 30.




Mounting Bracket MW-ZWS-2


  Mounting bracket for zws-7/15/24 sensors.



Mounting Bracket MW-ZWS-3

 Mounting bracket for zws-7/15/24 sensors.




Beam Deflector UF-90 for M18-M30

Beam deflector for sensors with M18 threaded sleeve and -0.35m detection range. Also available for M30 threaded sleeve -1.3m detection range.




SoundPipe ZWS1


SoundPipe for ZWS-15 and ZWS-7 sensors. Can only be ordered with a sensor. The SoundPipe is mounted on the zws sensor at the front and affixed with plastic glue in the factory.



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