July 06, 2023

Photoelectric Sensors for Packaging

di-soric frame light barrier series

In industrial automation, accurate detection and counting of parts play a crucial role in various applications. di-Soric's OGWSD frame light barrier series offers a reliable solution for such tasks. These innovative sensors utilize infrared LED technology to detect objects with an impressive resolution of 1.5mm, ensuring precise identification and counting of parts. With their robust construction, rapid response time, and flexible adjustment options, the OGWSD frame light barriers empower businesses to optimize their operational capabilities in applications like packaging.

Robust Design and Advanced Features:

The OGWSD frame light barrier series features a durable metal housing with impact protection, ensuring longevity even in demanding industrial environments. This robust construction safeguards the internal components, providing consistent and reliable performance. The detachable crossbar further enhances the system's flexibility, allowing for effortless installation and maintenance.

High Resolution for Accurate Detection:

Equipped with cutting-edge infrared LED technology, the OGWSD frame light barriers offer exceptional resolution capabilities. With a resolution of 1.5mm, these sensors can reliably detect and differentiate even the smallest objects, ensuring precise part identification in various industrial settings. Whether detecting miniature components or larger items, the OGWSD series delivers accurate results to streamline production processes.

Lightning-Fast Response Time:

In time-sensitive applications, the response speed is paramount. The OGWSD frame light barriers boast a lightning-fast response time, enabling swift detection and counting of parts as they pass through the sensing area. This rapid feedback facilitates seamless integration into high-speed production lines, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Flexible Adjustment Options:

Di-Soric understands the need for adaptability in industrial automation. The OGWSD frame light barriers offer on-the-fly adjustment capabilities, allowing operators to fine-tune the sensor's parameters according to specific requirements. Integrated potentiometers enable quick and convenient adjustments, ensuring optimal performance for different objects and environmental conditions.

Counting and Packaging Applications:

One prominent application for the OGWSD frame light barriers is in packaging systems. Consider a scenario where multiple plastic parts must be packed into a polybag, each requiring the correct quantity of parts. In such cases, reliable part detection and accurate counting are paramount. The high-resolution capabilities of the OGWSD series ensure that each part is detected consistently, facilitating precise counting and packaging.

Di-Soric's OGWSD series of frame light barriers revolutionize part detection and counting in industrial automation. These sensors elevate operational capabilities in diverse applications With impressive resolution, robust construction, lightning-fast response time, and flexible adjustment options. Whether counting and packaging systems or other tasks that demand accurate part or product detection, the OGWSD frame light barriers provide a reliable solution for optimizing efficiency and productivity. Embrace the state-of-the-art OGWSD frame sensor to enhance industrial processes and streamline operations.

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