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IO‐Link is a powerful, yet simple protocol with wide support in the industry. There are many reasons to use IO‐Link: 

Installation and Commissioning 
IO‐Link makes installing and commissioning a system simple. Standard connectors and cables reduce wiring complexity by eliminating the need for custom cables, connectors or termination. IO‐Link’s parameterization simplifies new sensor configuration through standardized interfaces. 

Operating Efficiency 
IO‐Link’s ability to identify devices and provide access to the devices’ parameters gives you much more control than is offered by legacy sensors and actuators. Because re‐ parameterization can be automated, downtime associated with manually reconfiguring production can also be reduced or eliminated. 

System Maintenance 
IO‐Link provides the best in class accessibility to the information needed to maintain and maximize productivity on an automation network. IO‐Link events help pinpoint issues and potential process errors before they occur. 

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