April 02, 2024

TR Electronic DAG Housing: Meeting the Robust Demands of the Steel Industry

The steel industry is at the forefront of heavy-duty industries that require precise and reliable control systems for optimal performance. TR Electronic recognizes these demands and has engineered DAG Housing, a solution tailored to the specific needs of steel industry. Let's explore the key features that make DAG Housing a standout choice for the steel industry.

Heavy-duty Shaft Loading Capacity

The DAG Housing is designed to handle heavy-duty shaft loading, providing the strength and durability required for the harsh operating conditions of steel mills. This capability ensures that the housing can withstand the mechanical stresses that the steel industry typically encounters.

Redundant Operation with Dual Encoder Support

To further enhance reliability, the DAG Housing has the ability to house either one or two encoders, allowing for redundant operation. This redundancy ensures that in case of any encoder failure, there is a backup to maintain uninterrupted operation, minimizing potential downtime and maximizing productivity.

Industry-Leading Communication Protocol Choices

We understand the need for seamless integration within the existing infrastructure of the steel industry. That's why DAG Housing offers industry-leading communication protocol choices. This flexibility allows for smooth compatibility with different communication interfaces, including Ethernet/IP with SSI or ProfiNET with Incremental encoder output, ensuring easy integration into the steel mill control systems.

Rugged Impact-Resistant Cast Aluminum Housing

The steel production facilities generally operate in an environment where dust and moisture can pose challenges to the longevity of equipment. The DAG Housing addresses this concern with its rugged impact-resistant cast aluminum housing, offering effective protection against dust and moisture ingress. This robust construction prolongs the lifespan of the housing, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

Variety of Connector Options

TR Electronic understands the diverse requirements of its customers. The DAG Housing provides a variety of connector options to cater to different needs, making it adaptable and customizable based on specific customer requirements. This versatility further enhances the ease of installation and integration into existing systems.

TR Electronic KCBM Housing: Seamlessly Transitioning from Outdated to Modern Technology

In the steel industry, many mills still rely on outdated resolver technology for their position feedback systems. TR Electronic's KCBM Housing offers a direct replacement for Carlen CC3820R resolvers, commonly used in the steel industry. Let's take a closer look at the key points that make KCBM Housing a valuable solution.

Bolt-on Replacement for Carlen CC3820R Resolvers

The KCBM Housing is specifically designed as a bolt-on replacement for Carlen CC3820R resolvers without the need for drilling or extensive modification. This streamlined replacement process facilitates a seamless transition from outdated resolver technology to modern absolute encoders, minimizing installation time and costs.

Compatibility with TR Electronic 582 Series Encoders

TR Electronic's KCBM Housing is compatible with any TR Electronic 582 Series Encoders, offering a wide range of options to choose from. This compatibility ensures that steel industry can select encoders that meet their specific requirements, including those equipped with anti-shock, anti-vibration modules, and IP68 ratings. This capability guarantees the reliability and longevity needed in demanding steel mill operations.

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