Please use our Product Selector below to search our database of over 250,000 variations of products if our standard stock options do not fit your needs.


It is split into two parts or two ways to search:



On the left side - “Filter clear”


You have three options from the “Drop Down Menus” you can select


1) type of product

2) interface

3) example: search for a particular encoder type – “IEH58”




If you select “Type” and then select “Absolute Rotary Encoder” from the “Drop Down Menu”, you will now see only a small portion of the product offerings on the right side under the heading “Product Selector”


On left side you will now see many “Drop Down Menu” selections. Ex: Interface, Detection, Shaft Type, Single/Multi Turn etc.


As you begin to make your selections from these left side “Drop Down Menus” the product offering’s available on the right side may expand or contract in size according to what you have selected.



On the right side - “Product Selector”


You can search for the “Type” of product you are looking for: Absolute Rotary Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Linear Encoder etc.




You can search for the “Interface Protocol” you need. After you choose an “Interface Protocol”, all product offerings for that “interface” will appear.




If you select the interface “Ethernet/IP” from the menu on the right, you will now see all the product offerings. At the top left under “Product Selector” you will see that there are 72 products. On the left side you will now see “Drop Down Menu” selections.


If you change the “Type” on the left to “Incremental Rotary Encoder” You will now see the product offering reduces to 21 different variations.


As you begin to make your selections from the “Drop Down Menu” your choices may expand or contract according to what you have selected.



To reset your selections to the “Home Menu” select the “clear” option next to Filter at the top left of the configurator.

Don’t see what you need?

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