September 26, 2017

Craig Moore has been working with the TR team in various capacities, for almost 8 years, starting initially as a co-op student. His current role is providing Application and Support Engineering for our customers, which includes product and application training.

Moore takes pride in working for the company because of its values.

“TR has done a great job hiring individuals with the same vision and core values. We strive to be a customer first type of company and I really think it shows when you work with us.”

Recently, TR has committed even more resources to training customers. Moore says his own on the job experience and his most recent in-depth training has prepared him to take on the company’s renewed focus on customer education.

“The past year and a half with TR has definitely given me the technical understanding to be able to train our customers. We try to customize all of our training to meet the exact needs of our customers, as opposed to taking a general approach. If there is anything in particular a customer is looking for, we will go out of our way to prepare something new for them. “


“As far as work goes, I’ll continuously develop my technical skills with customer applications in mind. Personally, my girlfriend and I are moving into a new home, which means lots of renovations and not a lot of time to do them. It should be interesting!”

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