November 21, 2019
The perfect package

In an ideal world, every bit of dust, debris or residue from the manufacturing process will be reduced or completely eliminated from the final quality and packaging controls. It’s like receiving your favorite package of cookies with each product perfectly shaped, sized and facing the proper direction, in pristine packaging.

Creating the ideal environment
The conditions required to create such an environment with high-precision tooling operated by robotic limbs at high-speed and high-performance are extremely difficult to attain in situations where particle dust and/or leftover residues are abundant. One of the biggest problems most assembly lines encounter in today's fast-turnover production environments is the cross-contamination of materials from other robotic-assisted processes that occur elsewhere along the supply and assembly lines.
Consider the following environmental conditions in food manufacturing

As cookies movie along a conveyer belt and into a vibratory bowl feeder, the resulting rotational and centrifugal forces cause the delicious sweets to bump along the sides of the feeder panels and into each other; thus a crumb trail begins to appear. The once perfectly-shaped cookie becomes asymmetrical, and picks up debris along its path.

How to create a no-crumbs process

Photosensitive sensors can be deployed along the supply line to detect residue and ensure material integrity. Some sensors are equipped with infrared high-performance LEDs, allowing for cleaning cycles, as sanitation and consistency of products are key factors in the automation of industrial food processing. While the growing demand for various shapes and sizes of food products continues to increase the diversity of manufacturer selections, reducing the crumb trail left behind by part-feeding systems through light sensors has the potential not only to minimize cross-contamination, but to get one step closer to that consistently-perfect cookie!

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