Programmable Incremental Encoders

Programmable Incremental IE Type

Well suited for use in service and maintenance One device - all resolutions

Programmable Incremental IO Type

Modular Construction for Mechanical Customizations. Modular Product Line.




IEH 110 Hollow Shaft

Special parameters upon request

Hardware Incremental Encoder

Suitable for all applications where the basic functions of incremental position sensing are required


IES 38mm

IEV 44mm

IE 58mm - IH 58mm














ATEX Incremental Encoders


Heavy Duty Incremental Encoders

Housing Options

For applications in explosion-risk areas, in aggressive media or in environments with heavy mechanical impacts on the encoder


Cable Retractor Incremental Encoders

Cable Retractor

Especially suitable for storage and logistics as well as for stage engineering


Industrial EtherNet

Industrial EtherNet

TR has developed EtherNet Solutions across its wide variety of products, for customers looking to upgrade their control hardware platform.

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