Wireless - PowerGap

Wireless - PowerGap

PowerGap products provide wireless power solutions for a number of automation challenges.

Installation of sensors and other I/O devices in machines and equipment can often be challenging due to rotating tables, moving pallets, tooling and die changes. That's because the equipment is restricted by fixed cabling. PowerGap resolves this issue by inductively wirelessly supplying power from a fixed part to a moving part, then transmitting signals between the two.


Eliminates faults caused by connector wear or damage.
Simplifies and speeds up changing out machine tooling/jigs with integrated sensors and actuators. 
Provides wireless power and signal transmission to moving objects, no slip rings needed.
Set it and forget it, no more worries about forgetting to connect or disconnect cables.
Not susceptible to fluid and solid particulate contamination. 
Able to pass signal and power through barriers such as glass, plastic or fabric.
It's the ultimate wireless solution!


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Data Sheets
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