Sterile and Safe, Our Products Avoid Costly Contamination…

The current food and beverage product cycle has evolved to meet the need of varying customer preferences. On top of that, manufacturers have to meet changing regulatory requirements as well as remain competitive. These can present large obstacles to food and beverage processing.

Food and beverage industries demand routine wash down and sterilization of machinery that can often wreak havoc on industrial equipment. Add to that the need to be flexible and be able to adapt to a new production line or another range of products, and it’s quickly evident that a fast changeover to a new product can provide a competitive advantage.

Our products maintain a sterile and safe manufacturing environment to prevent production delays, contaminated products and recalls that can lead to reduced sales and increased operating expenses.

Our innovative IP69K stainless steel rotary encoder and various photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors  use the latest innovative technologies. These products are designed to eliminate common machine failures while improving equipment operation and reliability.

As your automation partner, we provide:

  • Absolute rotary encoders for precise rotational position and feedback
  • Photoelectric sensors in hygienic design for product detection
  • Proximity sensors for wash-down application
  • Level, flow and temperature sensors in ultra-hygienic designs for process monitoring

How you benefit:

  • Reduction of changeover times
  • Quick reaction to new production requirements
  • Accurate measurements

Specific application examples:

  • Malt Mill
  • Brewhouse
  • Wort Cooler
  • Storage Tanks
  • Filling/Bottling
  • Cap Feeder
  • Meat Processing