Direct Interfaces


Direct Interfaces or (Point to Point) refer to interfaces which require their own individual connection from encoder to controller. Absolute Point to Point Interfaces include Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI), Incremental Serial Interface (ISI), Parallel, Analog, Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) and others. Incremental encoders fall under this category of Interface as well, with Push/Pull, Line Driver and Sin/Cos.


Push-Pull - This output typically operates in the 11-27Vdc range and is a combination of a Line Driver and an Open Collector. It provides either a Sinking or Sourcing signal depending on the system it is wired into. The voltage level output is equal to the supply voltage to the unit.

Line Driver - The Line Driver output is a 5Vdc Sourcing output. This requires a Sinking Input for proper operation. The Line Driver output can typically be used in most TTL applications.


Fieldbus Interfaces

Fieldbus Interfaces include ProfiBus (ProfiSAFE), DeviceNet, CANOpen and others. These protocols use a BUS topology were the communications happens on a shared media. This requires individual addressing of each unit or node on the BUS. The output format requires a higher level of intelligence in the controller, and adds greater flexibility with less wiring.


EtherNet Interfaces utilize the latest in communication technology. Based off the standard IEE standard office network protocols, EtherNet has been refined to meet industrial application requirements. ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and PowerLink are the most common found in industrial EtherNet Interfaces. Data is transmitted on the network to be accessed by any other device on the same network.


Other Interfaces

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