Whether the subject is books from Internet booksellers or your fresh vegetables in the supermarket - it is only thanks to TR's modern storage and logistics technology that the customer receives the right goods at the right time.

Storage Logistics
Storage and Logistics

In the WITRON Technology Center we see the LE 200 laser range sensor in use in a mechanized container picking system and an automatic pallet aisle stacker. An important production step: Each laser measuring system is linearized with the maximum measuring range and tested at 100 %. Our laser range sensors achieve a reproducibility of 2 mm at a maximum distance of 230 m - at the high speeds required in an automatic storage system.

LE 200, the solution to the demands of modern storage and logistics systems.

An industrial PC developed especially for WITRON is also in use here. This fanless panel PC emulates a VT520 terminal connection and serves both as input medium and for the visualization of dialogs, diagnostic and maintenance functions, which are part of the completely automatically controlled logistics processes. Such systems are often used in distribution centers, where several hundreds of thousands of storage positions are managed automatically and dozens of picking workstations are controlled by computers. The WITRON portfolio also includes systems which allow employees to pick the 1,000 products an hour from the storage bins. Dynamics, availability and cost-efficiency determine the success of such a complete solution, which is used by industrial, trade and service enterprises. The intelligence required for this purpose comes from WITRON, as does the planning and development for these often highly automated systems.

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