TR Electronic delivers dual-redundancy and safety rated automation components for high performance stage productions and events.

Stage Technologies
Stage Technologies

While people and art take center stage in the theatre, reliable automation technology is operating in the background to ensure that every production goes smoothly on stage. In the Grand Théatre de la ville de Luxembourg theatre, opera and ballet are performed. We have used a performance-free day to show you modern stage technology in more detail.

29 automated scenery hoists are installed above the stage. Further hoists are provided above the proscenium and backstage. Together with 12 mobile flying devices, the drives for the fire doors, the "iron curtain" and the main curtain, around 70 drives are available in the overhead machinery, as well as 27 manually operated hoists. 5 double-deck platforms are installed in the lower machinery; a ballet floor wagon and a revolving platform can be wheeled on stage from backstage, a 4 stage wagons can be wheeled on from the side stage. The combination of axes results in complex transformations like the wave motion shown, or coordinated motions of stage and scenery hoist.

In industry, people are rigorously kept away from the machine movement area - but in theatre, machines and people share the work area. This calls for a strict safety concept. In principle, all safety-relevant components are doubly protected against failure. Double brakes, mechanics with double stability and dual-circuit control technology are important elements in this concept.

Our absolute encoder, already proven in many other installations, fit seamlessly into this safety concept. Integrated into one housing, they provide two independently determined position signals.

Depending on the requirement and control philosophy, the possibilities range from the absolute encoder with additionally scanned incremental signal through to the double encoder. Different redundancy levels can be implemented in this technology. In the maximum configuration, two completely independent encoders share wave and housing - in a single installation space, which was previously required by one standard encoder.

TR encoders are thus optimally prepared for the requirements of safety-oriented machine concepts. Safety with a long history, making technology a reliable partner of art in every performance.

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