Ring and Tube Sensors

Ring and Tube Sensors

Inductive Ring Sensors with static evaluation will be used for parts detection as well as stow control.

Inductive Ring Sensors with dynamic evaluation are featured by an even higher resolution compared with Inductive Ring Sensors with static function. Therefore, you can safely detect parts with very low mass like
e. g. springs. The high resolution also stays stable, when the ambient condtions are changing, e. g. metal-containing contamination.

Wire break sensors with static function will be used where wires have to be detected in active detection zones. You will get an even higher resolution with the dynamic evaluation and even the smallest wire movements will be detected in the active detection zone.

  • Different plug connections
  • Static or dynamic operating principle
  • High resolution
  • Short response time
  • Sensitivity and pulse stretching adjustable
  • Insensitivity to dirt
  • Metal connector
  • High Protection class
  • Compact design
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