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Positioning and Drives

A complete range of rotary Encoders with multiple interfaces including all major fieldbus protocols.


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Ethernet Laser, Linear Distance Measurement, Precision Glass Linear, Magnostrictive Measurement, Position Sensor, Linear Transducer, Linear Position Transducer, Linear Position Sensor, Linear Displacement Transducer, Sensors and Transducers.

Distance Measurement

The new generation of Ethernet/IP LE200 that provides new communication options for customers looking to solve realtime, closed loop distance feedback applications.


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Presence Detection

TR counts with a wide variety of Sensors.


Simultaneously supply power to sensors, actuators and IO units while transmitting feedback and control signals inductively across an air gap to a controller


Inductive Power Supply and Signal Transmission

Browse Tool Detection, Tool Breakage Monitoring, Tool Presence, Clamping Error Monitoring, Ejection Monitoring, Free Space Monitoring and General Breakage Control Solutions.

Tool Detection

The BQS Tool Detection System ensures machining centres are working correctly every time by using positive contact to check for tool prescence.

Revolutionize the Press Monitoring and Control industry with Unidor products brought to you by TR Electronic.


Unidor is an industry leader in the development and implementation of sensing solutions for the Stamping and Forming industries. Protect dies, prevent tool breakage, increase up-time. Unidor products are designed to match all machines and tools. Simple and basic machine retrofitting is thus possible at any time and anywhere.

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Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet

TR has developed Ethernet Solutions across its wide variety of products, for customers looking to upgrade their control hardware platform.

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