Consistent implementation of the CANopen and Profibus standards for drive communication means that encoTRive will communicate with your control problem-free.

Packaging and Printing

Modern offset printing machines from Koenig & Bauer AG are innovators in commercial web offset printing and sheet-fed printing with diverse printing materials. TR technology is present in two machine series, allowing KBA to set new standards in speed and versatility. Firstly, the high-performance camshaft gear @ctiveCAM in the sheet-fed offset machines in the Rapida series. From sheet separation through to delivery, time-critical signals are generated by @ctiveCAM and transported in the multi-stage press to the exact point where they are needed. Each printing couple and each of the other stations synchronize their movements with the centrally generated and distributed output signals. The device structure of @ctiveCAM is optimally designed for distributing the signals in the machine with reduced wiring complexity. The cam signals are generated by the @ctiveCAM head and led via a bus line to the printing and processing mechanisms, where they are then digitally output.

Other requirements must be fulfilled by our compact drive encoTRive compact drive in KBA's Compacta series of web offset machines. Diverse mechanical adjustment tasks in the entire machine are centrally controlled in the current printing machines - a classic application for bus-networked compact drives like the encoTRive. On the one hand, the automated adjustment of roller distances in the printing couples ensures correct color reproduction, while on the other hand, stops, cutters and folds must be set to the desired end formats in final processing. In the folding, stitching and delivery unit, clever folding produces complete catalogs, magazines and brochures from the paper webs. Production flexibility, shortest changeover times, accurate folding and low maintenance combined with absolute reliability and problem-free operation are the basic requirements on modern folders. Changeover to different production modes occurs automatically at the control station. All drives are networked via Profibus. Adjustments are executed in parallel, considerably reducing adjustment time. Customized control protocols enhance the bus operation. As a result, encoTRive not only integrates smoothly into new machine concepts but also into existing control structures. The Absolute Encoder Technology in encoTRive ensures reliable positioning in all machines states. The encoTRive family is available with powers between 25 and 300 W and, with transmission and optional brake, adapts to the mechanical conditions of the respective application. Consistent implementation of the CANopen and Profibus standards for drive communication means that encoTRive will communicate with your control problem-free.

encoTRive – a logical step towards modern, modular machine and system concepts.

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