Welcome to Magnetostrictive Linear Sensors. Our magnetostrictive linear sensors sense linear movements without contact and are wear free. Linear sensors with multi magnet function can (partially) detect up to 16 positions simultaneously.

Linear Position Transducers

Linear Sensor in Aluminum Profile

For tool and transfer machines, injection molding and packaging machines, storage etc. Designed with extra flat aluminum casing.


Linear Sensor in Stainless Steel Rod

Stainless Steel Rod

For installation in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic presses, tool and transfer machines, injection molding and packaging machines, storage etc.


Linear Sensor with Additional Outer Casing

Linear Sensor with Additional Outer Casing

For installation in hydraulic cylinders.


Linear Sensors in Plastic Casing

Linear Sensor in Plastic Casing

For application in chemical aggressive media, level measurement in the food-processing industry, electroplating industry etc.


Accessories for Magnetostrictive Linear Sensors



Functional Description of Magnostrictive Linear Encoders

The magnostrictive linear encoders of TR capture linear movements and convert them into electrical output signals. This measuring principle is based on a travel time delay measurement. Current pulses are sent through a magnetostrictive wire, positioned inside a protective tube, creating a ring-shaped magnetic field around the wire. A non-contact permanent magnet serves as a position sensor, touching the waveguide with its magnetic field. The magnetic field created by the current pulses generates a magnetostriction at the point of measurement due to the two differently aligned magnetic fields. The resulting torsion pulse spreads out from the position sensor with constant ultrasonic speed, moving along the waveguide in both directions. The time difference between the transmission of the torsion pulse and its arrival at the sensing element at the detector head is converted electronically into a distance proportional signal, which is provided either as a digital or analog output signal.


Industrial EtherNet

Industrial EtherNet

TR has developed EtherNet Solutions across its wide variety of products, for customers looking to upgrade their control hardware platform.

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