TR Electronic Introduces NEW IP69K Rated Absolute and Incremental Encoders

TR Electronic introduces innovative absolute and incremental encoders that are IP69K rated and designed to withstand strict and harsh wash-down conditions.

June 29, 2012

The New IP69K encoders from TR Electronic are built tough to withstand high-pressure, caustic and wash-down applications. Maintaining a sterile manufacturing environment is vital to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The demand for routine wash-down and sterilization of machinery can often run havoc on industrial equipment. Keeping a sterile environment is necessary in order to prevent production delays, contaminated products and recalls, which may result in reduced sales and increased operating expenses. In order to minimize the ability for contaminates to accumulate, it is important to ensure that the components used within the manufacturing process are both easy to access and easy to clean. IP69K encoders from TR Electronic are built to withstand the strict and harsh wash-down conditions such as extreme heat, pressure and the caustic nature present in the food and beverage industries.

TR's innovative IP69K encoders take full advantage of modern technologies designed to eliminate common machine failures, while improving equipment operation and reliability during the wash down and sterilization of equipment. The new absolute and incremental encoders feature an IP69K wash-down rating, magnetic shaft coupling for external shaft installations, a protective coating of PCB and an optional separate bearing. Encoders are extremely robust and compact with only a 36mm diameter. They are completely wear-free, are suitable for use in areas with changing temperatures (condensation) and are a professional solution for outdoor applications. Encoders have a standard SSI Interface and an available dual redundant SSI output. Other interfaces are available upon request. Common applications include mobile/construction machinery, water and wastewater treatment, filling plants and automobile manufacturing.

IP69K - Sensors Built Tough!

TR has a reputation for provising highly reliable products that last. Our IP69K  encoders further our ability to support manufacturing systems that are exposed to wash-down or harsh conditions - Says Matthew Scott, Director of Operations for TR Electronic

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