Industry Solutions

From color analysis, to label detection to the most innovative motion sensor available, TR delivers an exceptional line of presence detection and motion solutions for the packaging, food processing, material handling, automotive and other industries. With 10,000+ variations of our rotary encoders, linear transducer and laser distance products, TR has a solution for you. TR has the widest array of communication, environmental and mechanical options. From SSI to industry leading Ethernet/IP, our innovative products will deliver in even the harshest of environments. Also, our Intelligent Drives include TR’s world-renowned feedback systems and provide an integrated solution for distributed systems. Our drive solutions are economical, reliable and can be ordered based on your full specifications (communication, torque, HP, braking, gear ratio and other parameters are all standard product options). Browse below our Industry Solutions:


It is especially important for storage equipment such as rack feeders, transfer units and cranes to have an effective, decentralized measurement and control technology for easy project planning and fast start up. TR Electronic Solutions for the Storage and Logistics industry goes from Displacement Measurement, Laser Distance Measurement, Axis Coontrollers. Contact us to request a product solution for your needs

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From Linear Position Sensors, and Optical data transmision, TR has years of experience supporting the Metal Forming Industries around the world. TR designs and develops products from the beginning, in such a way that they resist high shock and vibration impacts. TR is aware of the high demand for Innovative product requirements and continuous cost pressure that forces our customers to take products and tools to the limits of feasibility on a daily basis.

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From Absolute Rotary Encoders, Incremental Rotary Encoders, Compact Drives, Cam Controllers. Fast signal processing for print machines enables higher accuracy and decentralized compact drives automate adjusting procedures. With stainless steel housings, rotary encoders even sustain aggressive mediums like groundwood pulp in paper machines. Small absolute rotary encoders measure movements in tight spaces.

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Our rotary encoders offer safety in all required classes for stage technology and other SAFE applications. From rotary encoders with additional incremental tracks up to SIL3 certified safety rotary encoders, we offer the right solution for safety.

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With intelligent tracking of photovoltaic constructions the efficiency is improved and the automation accelerated. High resolution rotary encoders enable exact positioning. Compact drives reduce the number of connected components and provide years of orientation of your construction towards the sun.

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Various measurement tasks within plastic processing machines require fast signal processing and high precision. Linear measurement systems, for implementing into hydraulic cylinders, blend smoothly into injection molding machines. Industrial PCs are a universal platform for user specific control systems for series production and special machines.

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Intelligent, decentralized and efficient sensors with on-board processing components that work, despite high temperature fluctuations, are the base for automation solutions within the wood-working industry. Our specialty is to equip and network transfer machines, machine centers and installation fields, especially if you have particular requirements for your machine.


Flexible Automation solutions according to our customers' wishes are the intelligent base for a successful machine concept within the packaging industry. High processing speed enables fast cycle times and larges lot sizes. Absolute measurement systems save time consuming Homing Sequences. Highly integrated, intelligent sensors also allow for distributed control. When it comes to needing higher precision, we have a perfect solution.

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Automotive includes Stamping and Machining, Press - Automation Control, Machine Guarding and Safety, Automated Assembly and Part Sensing.

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Material Handling includes Crane Positioning, Safety Sensing, Distance Measurement, Conveyors and Sorting, Packaging, and Labeling.                                                    

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Food Proccessing.                                                                                                                                                                        

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Other Industries include Chemical, Industrial Safety, Pharmaceutical, and Textiles.

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