Color and Surface Sensors (FSLS)

Color Sensors

Colour and Surface Sensors FSLS 50 M ... with perceptive operating mode (sensitivity corresponding to that of the human eye) for detecting colours and surface with the finest colour resolution. These colour sensors bridge the gap between high-grade spectral analysis devices and the RGB sensors available on the market to date. The sensors unite the advantages of faultless and economical functionality found in simple RGB sensors.

  • 3 channel, teach-in for many standard applications
  • 7 channels with binary coding
  • Illumination with aging-compensated white light LED
  • Short response time
  • Adjustable colour tolerance
  • Status indication via LEDs
  • Key-lock function
  • High ambient light compensation
  • Exportable measured values for evaluations (.csv)
  • Master-slave mode
  • 255 channels with binary coding
  • Use of different fibre / optics
  • Classification of colour classes possible
  • Adjustable reinforcement of sensor signal
  • Versarile adjustments by means of software included in delivery
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