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sks ultrasonic sensors:

The sks sensors are the smallest ultrasonic sensors by microsonic and feature a housing design reduced by 33 % compared to the zws sensors.
Ultrasonic TR-sks - standard sensor List- PDF
Ultrasonic TR-sks Highlights


  • Focused sound field - extremely narrow sound field for precise object focus
  • 0.1 mm resolution - for the detection of even minor level differences
  • Temperature compensation - for precise distance measurements
  • 1 pnp switched output - for functional compatibility with opto sensors
  • Three functions in one device - reflective sensor, reflective barrier, window mode programmable
  • NCC/NOC function - for free selection
  • Teach-in button - with microsonic teach-in procedure for fast sensor setting
  • Synchronisation - for the simultaneous operation of several sensors in minimum space
  • Minimum housing dimensions - with two x M3 threaded bushings
  • LinkControl - for PC-based configuration

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