TR Electronic is proud to manufacture the largest selection of rotary and linear encoders in our market.  We’ve been a leader in the design and manufacture of encoders and linear transducers for over 25 years.  Our customers benefit from the design and support options available withTR Electronic

Specifying and Selecting Rotary or Linear Encoders to fit your application is not always easy.  Here are a few tips to help get you started!


Encoder Selection Tips


1. INCREMENTAL or ABSOLUTE – Each has a different use. For applications which require position information without a homing process and/or during power loss, Absolute is the way to go. Applications which only require simple pulse count positioning an Incremental is the encoder for you.

2. OPTICAL or MAGNETIC – For higher resolution applications, Optical encoders are recommended; however, both types have their strengths and weaknesses

3. ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES – Every environment provides unique challenges. Whether it’s temperature (hot or cold), dust, debris, fluids or contaminants; we have encoders available with various NEMA (or IP) ratings and housing options that allow them to perform within the harshest of environments.

4. COMMUNICATIONS – Encoders are available with a broad range of communication options; Point to Point, including analog, SSI, ISI, Parallel and more; all major Fieldbus (DeviceNet, ProfiBus, CANOpen ); and industry leading Industrial Ethernet standards (Ethernet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT). It’s important you get the communication interface that fits with your control system and machine design.

For additional Encoder Selection information, please download TR Electronic ’Encoder Selection 101’ application paper or contact TR’s Customer Care team for complimentary Application Engineering assistance, TRaining and more!

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